Denise Millen, a Canadian Designer/Inventor and Entrepreneur felt the need to advise other Entrepreneurs to help make the process smoother in securing patents, trademarks and more. After overcoming many obstacles herself, in receiving her own patents and trademarks, she realized the overwhelming need of accurate guidance for entrepreneurs who need to optimize cost and resources. With her experience, knowledge and connections within the manufacturing industry she learnt the ins and outs of the trade as well formulated several cost-effective filing and prosecution strategies for effective management of patent and trademark portfolios.

Her Lifelong passion of Travel, Fashion and Business gave her the ability to pull all of it together. Having started her own event management and leasing business as a busy mother of two, Ms. Millen knows how important it is to stay organized. Frustrated with impractical toiletry bags, this lifelong travel enthusiast knows that packing is truly an art form, which is why she set out to launch her own line of luxury travel toiletry bags. Due to Covid the travel industry came to a standstill which then led her on a new path.

Having tried the conventional paths of filing and prosecuting IP and spending a good amount of money (which she calls as Learning), she realized that if properly managed the costs of securing IP both Locally or Globally can be reduced by up to 50%. She herself being an entrepreneur, truly understands that every penny saved could be utilized in other activities like R&D, Product Development, or Marketing.

Recently, after receiving a couple of calls from inventors who had no idea about the process of obtaining a patent, trademark or manufacturing, she realized the need of sharing her expertise gained from experience to the community.

Prior to founding Destination Bags/Spencer Paige, Denise Millen was the owner and founder of Theme Show Productions; a company that promotes major shows within many of Toronto’s, Canada’s leading malls. Ms. Millen ran this company from 1991 to 2015, arranging leasing for in-line stores, coordinating entertainment services, and setting up temporary outlet stores. In the course of these efforts.

Ms. Millen worked at The Shopping Channel as a guest on the Show, demonstrating and selling a variety of different products featuring more than 100 shows. Her career has also included modelling and working as a fitness instructor. Volunteered her time with various charity events and organizations such as Cooking for the homeless and giving back to her community.


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